Monday, December 26, 2016

an assignment

“today’s assignment is not so easy,” said miss anthony. “so pay close attention.”

it is the year 3000.

all living creatures live in a single society.

the society is completely automated and powered to last forever (time has been abolished)

each living creature has its own cell, or pod, where it is provided with air, water, warmth, and food.

the living creatures are all identical to each other.

every living creature is allotted the same amount of air, water, and warmth.

every living creature is given the same food, in the same amount, every day.

no creature has any contact with any other - thus avoiding any opportunity for oppression, exploitation, abuse, injustice, inequality, or alienation.

but the creatures need art/entertainment.

the art/entertainment can not be negative, abusive, exploitative, competitive, discriminatory, despairing, or hurtful, or deal with subjects that portray or imply the existence of negation, abuse, competition, discrimination, inequality, despair, or hurtfulness.

for your assignment provide either a story meeting these requirements, or an outline for a series of stories meeting these requirements.

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